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No more Limited Editions

I have chosen to stop selling my photography in limited editions. For many reasons:
  • every print is indeed unique: by the context of its creation (exposition, order, personal research), by the format, by the paper, the inks, the printer used. In fact, it is almost impossible to create identical prints.
  • I wish that my photos are bought because of the emotion they carry, not speculation
  • currently none of my pictures has been printed more than 6 times, artist's proofs inclusive. They are defacto limited editions
  • one print of one of the most duplicated picture in history (1300 exemplaries of Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico by Ansel Adams) was sold more than 6 million dollars
  • in creating limited editions, photographers transfer the benefits of their work to gallery owners and speculators
  • limited editions restrict access to a print to the only people able to afford them - not necessarily my preferred audience
  • intentionally destroying a negative, or the original photographic numeric file is destroying knowledge
  • I would like to retain the right to perform experimentations in the future, howvever not being at risk of violating my own terms
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