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I have been a photographer since my childhood, using instamatics originally, then an olympus compact, then a minolta xgm plus one of the first transstandard zooms in history: the 35-105 mm. Back to photography via numerical images in 2001, I had a similar trajectory: a 2Mpixels compact minolta, then the fantastic Pansonic FZ20 then FZ18, last a Nikon D700. My approach to photography is fundamentally one of a colorist. I can spend hours waiting for the scenes and landscapes to look like what they were at the birth of the world: void of any human presence. On that basis, I look for a final framing, and a treatment of light and colors that most conveys my emotions. In that respect, the use of hdr imaging is almost a necessity. Using small captor/low resolution cameras is a constraint that as use creatively. Among my goals is to offer images that never were shown before, a way of revisiting a reality that in the end becomes annoying. I also enjoy in a recurrent manner to invite the matter, the textures of soils and surfaces in my pictures. My joy in viewing the world is tactile too. Soils and walls talk about our world as much as buildings and mountains.

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