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Print pricing - The N+1 scheme

The pricing of my fine art prints aims at three simultaneous objectives:
  • keep the entry prices affordable
  • preserve the assets of collectors
  • preserve my own interests
Fine art prints are numbered, signed, certified and sold under the "N+1" scheme: the Nth print in an edition is sold N+1 times its cost without extras, plus the extras. The reference price is that of studio AZA, à Marseille, which creates my large prints. This price can be seen here. Depending upon circumstances, I create some prints up to format A2 myself, using digigraphy certified fine art papers and professional printers. This offers several advantages
  • the price of the first print in an edition is low, and justified
  • each photograph has its own value,
  • lbeing unlimited, editions preserve the possibility in the futture to benefit from improved print techniques (new materials, holography, 3D etc.)
  • a collector is secured by the fact that each future buyer values the entire serie
  • each edition is de-facto limited by the price increase, unless the photo is extraordinary
  • the print price is naturally bound to the evolution of photo priniting prices
  • a collector may be happy to trade the cheap entry price for a bigger format or finer finition (as diasec for instance)

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